Friday, March 4, 2016

Is it here? Could it be?

I was downloading pictures from my phone, and reminiscing about each picture.  No wonder it takes me so long to clean off my phone!  I sort of saw a pattern of the pictures I took in January.  It made me yearn for spring!  I know it's really not here.  I remember one year it snowed a foot of the most wonderful, sticky, snowball and snowman making snow.  We had such fun.  We built a HUGE snowman out by the road for all the neighbors to see.  And that was the day after my birthday, which is almost the end of March!  But, we have had a very mild winter.  A mild, muddy, mucky, murky, madid winter. And, the thought of spring; the green grass, the beautiful bulbs, the perfect temperatures, is like a drug.  It just makes me happy thinking about it.